Circular Economy Economics Policy

Circular Economy

Why now?

Thanks to my colleague and good friend, Gene Tunny, for recently inviting me onto his Economics Explored podcast to talk about the circular economy. Listen to the podcast here:

As we increasingly incorporate a lot of the environmental externalities into the incentive architecture of the market economy, opportunities to improve our stewardship of finite natural resources will improve. Not only do we have to do things better, the approach underlying the circular economy encourages us to do better things.

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[…] Nicely said, Craig. I’ve now published my conversation with Craig as Episode 70 of my Economics Explored podcast. So if you’d like an overview of the Circular Economy concept and a hard-headed assessment of it from an economic perspective, check it out and let us know what you think. Finally, thanks to Craig for the interview and for his sharing of it on his Lytton Advisory website. […]


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