Mark Paddenburg

CEO, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd

Craig’s solid depth of economic and financial knowledge, complemented by his extensive and varied network, good humour (even under stress) make him a key component of a successful team. I have known Craig for over 7 years, and have found him to be interested, reliable, and trustworthy and would recommend him, without reservation.

Peter Murrell
Maritime, Transport and Trade Lawyer at Hatzis Lawyers

When it comes to someone who knows anything about infrastructure let alone about the economics and finance implications associated therewith, Craig is one of the rare breed in Australia who does so if you want the right advice from someone who knows what it’s all about- Craig is your go to man.

Phil Hughes
Principal at Hughes Strategic Consulting

Craig is a highly regarded consultant economist and has worked in the public and private sectors across Australia and Asia-Pacific for many years. He has extensive economic skills and experience in assessing public infrastructure and transport infrastructure projects and is an expert in cost benefit analysis. Craig is well known for his rigorous approach to economic assessment and ensuring that the “right questions” are asked about relevant costs and benefits, impacts and the causes of those impacts. Craig also has considerable experience in business case preparation and public policy analysis, and advising on public private partnerships. As well as his many economic skills, Craig is good to work with and readily supports others with his broad knowledge of economics and infrastructure. For all these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Andrew Harris

Craig is an experienced, insightful and innovative advisor who has a range of skills including public policy, economics (especially cost benefit analysis), and capacity in the transport and infrastructure sectors. He offers pragmatic and evidenced-based advice which is always sunk in the context of corporate objectives, policy framework and conceptual understanding. He is conscientious and hard working and can bring both public and private sector experience to the table. Craig is an excellent value for money option for organisations.

Bernard Burke
Independent Management Consulting Professional

Craig is an experienced economist who has had the benefits of working at a high level in Government circles. He is well grounded in Economics ( in particular Cost Benefit Analysis). Their are few that match his ability in the subjects of Construction, Transport and Water Economics. Craig has had experience working for Engineering firms where he gathered strong ties with the construction side of business. Craig has the ability to translate the jargon of economics to laymans terms in a sensible and logical way. He is a fluent writer and quiet capable in all facets of communication. Craig worked with me in the Government and produced some outstanding documents and analysis. He is an excellent worker and gets on well with his fellow workers. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any position with a firm dealing with economic analysis.

Kashif Artani, CFA
Infrastructure Modelling, Analysis & Valuation

Craig is highly competent in the fields of economic and financial analysis; and financial modelling. His key strengths are in client relationship management and project management. He exhibits the strategic client management skills of a top tier management consultancy manager.

Doug Cooke
Project Manager, Offshore Petroleum Management Review

I worked with Craig when we were both Assistant Directors with Invest Australia at the Commonwealth Treasury. Among other things, our work required us to apply economic analysis to assess major infrastructure projects, focusing on the transportation and energy sectors. Craig developed considerable expertise and consistently demonstrated superior analytical and policy skills in this context, especailly in relation to the innovative application of benefit-cost techniques to the transportation sector.

Peter Hendrikssen
Business Advisory Manager at New South Wales Trade & Investment

It is with pleasure that I am writing a recommendation for Mr Craig Lawrence. During our time working together at the newly created Commonwealth Department of Tourism, Craig had a highly organised approach to his work, allowing him to performing multple tasks under competing deadlines. He possessed a high level of knowledge of the Australian aviation industry and was able to provide well considered briefs and make recommendations to Senior Executives over a number of Departments as well as the Minister’s Office. Craig also has an highy inclusive approach to all members of his team – a quality that has served him well in progressing his career