Peter Crane

Peter Crane
MBA, BCEng (Hons), ADPersAdmin

Peter is an executive business leader in engineering services, capital infrastructure planning, project delivery and strategic asset management, principally, but not exclusively in the resources and energy sectors.

He has over 30 years’ competency and practical experience in a variety of technical, operational, management and business development roles in the infrastructure and resource sectors. 

His key strength is being able to rapidly appreciate the strategic plan and relate that to the immediate operational issues. He has developed this vision through working across the Owners, Consultants and Contractors teams. Practical experience enables him to understand the essential business objectives and to quickly identify problems at the root cause, which affect asset performance and value returned.

Over the past 20 years, Peter has led a range of large service delivery teams of up to 120 strong, co-located, local or internationally remote. He has the proven ability to delegate authority to direct, manage and empower teams to achieve results.

Peter thrives on using his problem-solving and team leadership skills to plan, manage and deliver complex, major energy and resources infrastructure solutions for clients.

He quickly develops an understanding of client needs, then applies a holistic approach to correctly identify and determine the most beneficial solution to a project, based on experience and achieving results under operational constraints. These solutions ensure the business drivers of risk, profitability, commercial and organisational performance are delivered. Peter brings his skills as a designer, constructor, asset manager and team leader to provide a practical ‘whole of asset life’ focus to the planning, design, construction delivery and operational management of major capital projects for his clients.

Peter is the principal of SER Solutions.