Dr Bob Noakes

Bob Noakes
DipEd (UNE)
BA (Hons) (UNE)

Bob is an experienced project/infrastructure economist and financial analyst with more than 40 years experience in Australia and in more than 30 countries in project planning and development studies.

He has an extensive background in preparing economic impact assessments and feasibility studies for major projects, market research and user forecasting for project preparation, in supply chain least-cost analysis, in demand forecasting for industrial activity, in scenario planning to develop alternative potential ‘growth’ paths for Local/Regional/State governments, in multi-criteria analysis and ranking of site options, and in the preparation of Business Cases based on international best practice cost-benefit analysis techniques. 

Bob has worked on a number of local/regional economic development studies involving Triple Bottom Line assessments and in identifying the socio-economic impacts of proposed infrastructure development projects.

Bob is a member of the Economic Society of Australia (Queensland) and is the principal of RR Noakes and Associates.